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Knog Blinder Mob Kid Grid Rear - Black

Highway Two

Knog Blinder Mob Kid Grid Rear - Black
  • $45.00

An attention seeking, limelight snatching party animal, perfect for those darkened inner city streets and urban commutes. Blasting out a super-bright 44 lumens of light for the rear, this bright bike light ensures that you’ll be lit up like a beacon to all other road users up to 1.2 Km’s away. Incorporating 16 surface mounted LEDs as well as a reflective faceplate, long battery life and a beam angle of 90° (not to mention the 5 different light modes) you’re guaranteed to light up the path no matter where you ride. And its secret weapon? 2x front & 3x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap the lights between bikes with different sized seatposts– including aero seatposts.

  • Light output: 44 lumens
  • Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 62mm 
  • Weight: 35g
  • Runtimes: Steady high 2.5 hrs, Steady low 5.6 hrs, Strobe 4.5 hrs, Fancy flash 6.6 hrs, Eco flash 59 hrs. 

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