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Saddle Library

"Splurge on the touch points." We live by these words here at Redbeard Bikes.

Our shop is founded on the principle of bike fit and comfort.

The bars, the pedals, the seat: this is where your body touches the bicycle. Accordingly, we do not leave these components to chance.

Our recommendations of components are always tailored to your individual needs as a rider.

For saddles in particular, we are home to an extensive saddle library.

For a $25 deposit, you can borrow a test saddle for a week or so and try it on the road. If you don't love it, try another.

When we find the right saddle, we'll apply your deposit to the cost of a new saddle.

We ask that you bring your bicycle when borrowing a saddle. The saddle is just one part of the complex bicycle-rider ecosystem. Seeing you on your bike tells us a lot about what kind of saddle might work for you.

See below for a partial list of the saddles in our collection. If you'd like to try one that's not listed here, give us a shout - redbeard@redbeardbikes.com.

-Cambium C17
-Cambium C17 Ladies'
-Cambium C17 Carved
-Cambium C17 Carved Ladies'

-Arione Donna



-Speed She
-Volt (different widths)

As well as saddles by Ergon, Selle Italia, and others.

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