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Our friends Dmitry and Mila touring India on their Bromptons.
Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov

People often ask: What's so special about Bromptons? What do these bicycles DO? What are they for?

Quite simply: Bromptons = freedom. Look no further than Dmitry & Mila of Our Life Unfolded. They flew to Thailand with their Bromptons last fall, and they've been cycling across Asia and Europe. They've ridden in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Japan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania...

Bromptons fold up small, ride big, and last a long time. No other bike will fit into such a small footprint, unfold to have a full-sized-bike's wheelbase, and last you more than a decade.

10 seconds to fold. 10 seconds to unfold. No strings, magnets, straps, bungees or wishes.

Customization, customization, customization. With over 200 color combinations and one million different ways to configure a Brompton, there's definitely one for you.

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Dmitry fixes a flat -- and rocks the rare Redbeard Cap -- on his first day in Nepal.
Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov

Bromptons are handmade in England. Workers have fair wages, a clean and safe work environment and can be individually proud of the bikes they make.

Bromptons are made to such exact tolerances and specifications that even with expired patent protection, no one has successfully copied the bike. Good luck.


  Nakhan Sawan, Thailand
Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov

One test ride won't get you to fall in love. We encourage as many test rides as it takes. The second one usually does the trick.

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